New Erotic Stories on 2018-03-13

A night to remember

Call me Pixie: Part Seven

I always knew this conversation would happen someday.

Meet the Wife - Part 1

A threesome of unbelievable truth. Now what?

"Operation Hookup"

I always knew this conversation would happen someday.

Today Was Like Every Other Day - Part 4 (Meet the Wife)

The schooldays' escapades of a young Marie and her friends.

The True Adventures of "Those Four"

The girls take it further.

Chance Encounter: The sequel

Simone loves Hope, loves Samantha, and dislikes Danners.

Life with Simone

Scientist-wife Laura is back with a new set of inventions...

Inventive Wife Ch. 03

An alien race explores what it is to be human.

A Kiss is a Question

An old flame is rekindled.

India Lynn

A story of unleashing a dark desire.

A Date with an Angel

An unexpected reunion leads two unlikely people to love.

Blast From the Past


Journey of Our FLM Ch. 05

Aaronfinds a copy of Master PC and uses it to have some fun.

Master PC - Aaron's Adventure Ch. 01

John faces the changes in himself.

Rise of the Cat Women Ch. 04

A damsel in distress finds her champion.

Cut My Hair

Papa Izie's last work... Izzie and Oz together 4ever

My Fake ID Ch. 04


Accidents Will Happen

A bitchy ex-girlfriend gets some payback.

April's Hard Lesson

Handsome man meets a ballbuster of a woman at a bar.

Man Meets Woman

A song and a place remind us of lasting love.

English Lane

A Witch Deceived.

The Raven

Just what would it take to bring them back together?

The End of the World

Teachers and their obedient ballet students.

Red Lipstick Whispers

Two girls head to an orgy to take revenge.

The Orgy

If you go down in the woods tonight...

The Wild Woods

This was her dark secret, one so dark that she daren't share.

Our First Meeting

Day 2 of anal and submissive training.

Pick 3 Day 02

A college girl realizes her dream of becoming a milky hucow.

Cat - College Cowgirl Ch. 01

Daughter comes home, needing to feel daddy's love.


Adult reactors react to sex positions.


Fantasy about pegging a dom guy for the first time.

At My Mercy

Annie will do anything (and anyone) to get pregnant.

Annie Wants a Baby

Mother In-Law is a Sex Fiend!

The Awakening of a Sex Fiend!

Chloe wanted to be tied up.

I Bang the Girl who Banged My Car Ch. 02

The Box offers a trip to a foreign land... and a bath.

The Box Ch. 05: "Soap And Steam"

Attractive wife plays Domme in a photo shoot w/ rich man.

My Sub, A Perfect Erotic Storm

The blackmail gets worse as I fall into my new routine.

A Fateful Trip Pt. 03

Sexy wife hatches a plan.

Jill and the Bad Boy Ch. 03

What happens behind the camera of your favorte streamer?

The Streamer

The legendary adults only resort - before it became a legend.

First Time at Hedonism: Day 01

White, Asian and Rican females bang a male.

Multiracial on Way to Save City

Angel enjoys her life with Anon.

The Home Improver Store Ch. 02

Another dream visit and an almost flashback.

Dream Lover Pt. 08

A night on the town and a fuck behind the door.

Business Sex Ch. 01

Mary makes some sexy changes and has a hot fantasy at home.

Learning My Lust Pt. 02

Water is always fun!

Bathtub Playtime

White waitress gets blacked in a diner stock room.

Locked in the Stock Room with BBC

The senior bonfire gets going.

TCCS Pt. 03 Ch. 23: Amber Sees Her First Black Cock

To make ends meet a paralegal is moonlighting.

My Paralegal Takes a Second Job

Girlfriend's best friend comes to visit during summer.

NYU Summer Break Threesome

Pixie sandwich

Call me Pixie: part 6

The best flight of my life.

Red Eye Delight

Melissa knew me too well and I ended up as putty in her hands.

Up Against The Wall

A tale about the obscenity of poverty.

Pink Plastic

A romantic walk turns naughty.

The Beach Walk

A son walks into his mother's room one fine afternoon...

Fucking My Mother

A brother and sister in their fifties holiday together.

Brother and Sister's First Holiday

A sequel to Expectations.

The Book Club

A cross channel spanking story.

Diplomatic Relations

Romance in a Caribbean Stilt House.

The Tropical Hut

The girls experience a covert insertion.

Steampunk Harlots Ch. 34

Judy continues to be humiliated in public

Public Humiliation Ch. 02

Faithful wife persuaded to go on a double date.

Double Dates Pt. 01

Exploration and passion begin.

A Fresh Start for Wendy Ch. 02

Max On The Run

They Come Ch. 07

Lin'qa's training continues.

The Warlord's Kitten Ch. 02

The party takes a breather in town.

A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 19: Return

A clever corporate drone gets back at her boss.

Barista to the Boss

Dreamy Nightmares Beginning

Faux Realm Ch. 01

A sexy blonde boot babe entices her boot-loving bootboy...

BluBalls for Kitty's BootBoy Ch. 01

Eighteen year old girl is taken captive.

Tabby Kat Ch. 06

Benjamin and Kaitlin's vacation takes an unexpected turn.

A Sibling Survival Story Ch. 01

MIss Black takes Staci out.

Working for Miss Black Pt. 04

A woman wants to explore her sexuality.

A Summer Weekend

Four young men have some sexy fun in the park.

DJ Pt. 23

Aubrey finds an escape.

Sanctuary Pt. 01: Aubrey Ch. 01

Searching for a lost drone one meets people.

Our Drone

It was more intimate than sleeping together.

One Night Stand in the Windy City

Laney accidentally cheats on her husband at costume party.

Adventures of Harry and Laney Ch. 01

A new drug puts women in heat and men want them.

In Heat

Revenge and wishes, all at once.

Say a Prayer Ch. 09

The Hounds have a new mission.

A God Of War's Hound Ch. 03

Revelations, temptations, frustrations, and commitments.

Rocks in Their Heads Pt. 02

I had to find Stephanie Potteroff. This story is unbelievably true.

"Code Potteroff"

Two strangers meet on a train...

Sex with a Stranger

This is one way to pay for college

Paying for College With her Ass--Part 1 Introduction

I don't Want to be a Virgin Any More

An Impossible Love

What's going to happen next

Dad caught us.

I did not just manage to get my wife into a spin, I caused a nightmare in our lives.

Streak of Grey - Part - 3

Enter Anne

Call me Pixie: part Five

It started online. I had no expectations of anything like this.

A New Beginning

Ellen has always been the black sheep in her family. But when they all gather together she’ll finally have the chance to make sure they love her completely.

Your One Desire

A scientist finds a puffball with unusual mind-altering properties, and takes full advantage of it. While it takes full advantage of her.


A coin collector gets invited to look at a very rare and special coin.

Queen of the Silver Dollar

Cindy figures out how to hypnotize her husband.

Life as a Hypno Queen

Word of a backdoor into a corporate system falls into the lap of an experienced hacker.

Honeypot: Regression

A dynamic young Congresswoman encounters an interviewer who changes her mind about her political beliefs and personal style.

For the People

A high school senior finds out that being kept after school isn’t nearly as bad as he thought it would be.

The Detention Club

After an unsuccessful date, Isabel stumbles across the One Perfect Date story from The Weaver’s Choose Your Own Adventure archive. Each decision she makes leads her to transformational insight.

Choose Your Own Transformation: Another Perfect Date

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