New Erotic Stories on 2018-04-16

I've been watching her from the moment she entered the swimming hall.

Causing Ripples

Tim helps a stranger stranded on the side of an Irish country road and gets rewarded for his kindess

Stranded Stranger Sucks Tim Off before Riding him Raw

A young woman asks a favor from her brother, and he can not refuse her.

Sharing The Bed With Shawna

After our session in the locker rooms at the pool, the Married Guy told me to go home and get ready.

Getting Slammed by the Married Guy

Game goes in a different direction...

Capture The... Me? Part 1

A married couple is afflicted with hypersexuality.

The Outbreak

There's a new member in the party!

A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 24: Bonding

Like the line from the Live song, sometimes everybody needs a little fucking change.

Sexual Surrogate

Transformation from boy to sissy

My new persona. Becoming a girl!

A determined woman can have a happy ending.

Sheelagh's Pixie

A mom and her best friend plan to seduce her son at a party.

Mom and Best Friend Seduce Son

The story continues with tales and adventures.

Unextpected Change.. Pt. 03

Continued involvement of artist and lady farm owner

This Way to Passion Pt 2

As soon as I walk in the door I know something is going on. The house is completely silent. Later on, I would actually think that it reminded me of the silence that falls right before a predator sinks its gleaming teeth into unsuspecting prey. All the lights are off except the one leading to the basement. Slipping off my four-inch deep red heels, I slowly make my way down the stairs, leaving...Read On


My twin bed has never been fucked in so lets break it in.

The Bad Boy Gets Sexually Schooled--Chapter 1

Old experiences become new again

Damn I'm Screwed - Part 3

Were you saying something about a shave?

His Sister's Eyes, chapter 2

Lisa and Steve reach a new milestone

The Downfall Of A Schoolteacher 3

A lovely teasing car ride

Car Ride

Don't underestimate the power of music...

I Feel You

Ruth plays along and gets used by a group.

Fantasy Fufilled Ch. 02

A wife faces the consequence of financial misdemeanours.

Phil The Ferret

Donna's first day back after the show.

After the Show, Back to Work

Young woman's first job interview turns suddenly erotic.

Affairs Assistant Ch. 01

Indian gal falls for a tall Somali Hijabi.

Nana and Rasha in Ottawa

Black Muslim student bangs blonde Prof in Ottawa.

Dr. Stephanie Macke-Leland Ch. 03

Carrie Underwood tries to regain confidence after her fall.

Carrie's Confidence

Doctor Strange drops in on Christine at work...

Avengers: Infinity War: Prelude Ch. 06

Some kinky time to themselves away from the world.

The Adventures of Nick and Frankie Ch. 03

Being snowed in and no where to go...

Snowed In

Humiliated at the sperm bank by sexy nurse over his dick.

Humiliated at the Sperm Bank

Me and Esther fuck again.

Music Room Mischief Ch. 03

Solo masturbation while being watched.

Lights, Camera, Reaction Pt. 02

A hot summer day poolside turns a tipsy aunt to her nephew.

Swimming with Aunt Terri

A quick discovery and a New Vixen is born.

My Time with Roni: Adventures Ch. 02

Once a roleplay that I converted into a story.

The Big Belly of Cassie

He frees me from myself.

The Power You Possess

When your memories return, are they positive?

The Aftermath

Mom reveals a special talent to her son.

Squirting for Her Son

I fuck my Aunt then go to see My Girls.

My Adventures with The Annes Ch. 05

All together now...

Mom and I United

Sadness prevails. Slater and Karen get together.

Fraternal Twins Pt. 07

Mick & Maxine make a life-changing decision.

It's Just Sex... Ch. 01

A Storm Brews.

Mandy and Me Ch. 24

Sex and dinner... from two points of view.

Dressing for Dinner

A wealthy young virgin makes use of his new maid.

Only the Best

Olivia had a sexy dream... or is it a dream?

Olivia has a Sexy Dream

A story inspired by a song.

Favourite Colour

My first sexual exploration.

My Awakening

Rekindled romance 14 years later.

First Sargent

This campus shows his girlfriend what it's like to be fucked.

Fresh Pt. 02

Lonely futanari Faith fantasizes about her neighbor.

Billion with a 'B'

An old friend and I play a teasing game.

High School All Over Again

Alana takes on the young men in her neighborhood.

Size Queen MILF Ch. 08: eighborhood

The morning sweetheart has a dark secret.

Morning Secrets

A series of sexual vignettes.

8 Short Strokers

Hubby urges his wife to act out her fantasy while he watches.

The Pool Boy Pt. 01

Prologue - The beginning of a new life and the end of an old one.

Becoming Queen Ch. 00

Kylie's internship at an art gallery gives her much more exp.


All hands on Dick.

The Tick Incident Ch. 09


Eowyn: The Cage - Ch. 15

Matt and Gavin finally come clean.

Pup Ch. 09

A man is hunted for what he has created.

Sheila Ch. 10

Routine can help heal pain, but it also leaves us open to it.

Derelict 0006

The party gets better-acquainted in the town of Tarin.

A Dream of Empire Ch. 015

Older sister masturbates to her younger sibling's nudity.

Voyeurism from Across the Room

Alex and Priya get a visit from a friend.

The Perfect Woman Pt. 02 - Elspeth

Retired Army Officer is offered a job in a Seniors' House

Portland House: Chapter Four

Jane get her first taste of adventure

The Highwayman. Chapter two

Four friends try MDMA in a club and discover the heights of bliss and the depth of their friendship.

Drug-fueled Orgy in a Berlin Nightclub

Beth Ann and Krissy explore new frontiers.

Krissy's Wedding Gift Chapter 3

Finding a girl who shared my love of lingerie.

Crazy Sex Affair With Her Sister

My fuck toy gets her own pet.

A Slut's New Fuck Toy

Amber tries to remember the mysterious word that a stranger just said to her. It’s really the only thing she can think about anymore.


Whitney meets a woman who makes some very outrageous claims that she has an incredibly difficult time disputing.

You, But Kinkier

Lilith Yew, powerful leader of the Martian colonization movement, faces off against the pernicious influence of the rival Hive colony of Slave Mistress Isis Pines.


Vickie is a shy and quiet girl that works at a supermarket. She and the rest of the workers are terrorized by their manager, Stephanie. Stephanie picks on Vickie’s friend Sam one too many times and learns of Vickie’s power the hard way.


Samantha, a lawyer, recalls how she woke up lying naked on the floor of a men’s public toilet.

Toilet Trained

Alec’s tale of brainwashing may not be as he remembers it.


Tyson is kidnapped and brainwashed while staying at a resort hotel.

Taken (The Slaver)

It is a hot summer’s day, and Margaret is enjoying her time between classes when she notices a young woman dressed, not just out of sorts for the weather, but dressed plain weirdly! But it isn’t until she starts to see more people, men and women, dressed like this that she starts to take note of anything. Her chance meeting with one of these oddly dressed girls pulls her into a world where the Red Box is once again found.

Summer’s Eve Key for a Red Box

A group of space pirates encounter a strange ship and find that its occupants are looking for the same thing they are, they just have a different method of getting it.


A knight finds herself lost, and finds herself.

Reflection (Gail)

He’d done it! He’d successfully leapt into the body of his sexy next-door neighbor! ... So now what?

Quantum Brainwashing

Eris tries to rescue her friend from the Blood Cult of Doctor Zoltanus, but the arrival of two extra superheroes on the scene could spell disaster.

Pussy Liquor (Jukebox)

Beau wakes up during his fraternity initiation.


A trans girl has the opportunity meet her long-distance hypno dom face to face.

Oranges and Lemons

A counteroffer appears clear out of the blue that requires a lot of serious consideration before it can be accepted.

The Offer — A Counteroffer

A man makes his dream of fuck a 18-year-old girl up the ass come true.

My First Rape

Mrs. Janne is confused about all the changes taking place at her school.


A woman returning from a business trip wakes up in her car and tries to remember how she got there.

Long-term Parking

Agent Melody Martin investigates a missing persons case that leads her to a sex toy manufacturer.

Living Doll, Inc.

Nova and Jack are abducted by visitors from another planet. The visitors aren’t the only ones that learn something new.

Lights in the Sky

Elena agrees to help her friend’s brother to practice for his hypnosis show.

Just Sink

Ellen tries not to become addicted to pantyhose the way her friend Sally is.

The Hose Always Wins

Tabitha’s mind and body are hijacked and used by Mark. She is made to help him capture more women.

Hijacked and Used

Nico may not have the coin to spend at a whorehouse, but he’s heard that the succubi who work there accept payment in more than just gold. What’s the worry if they want to take a sip of his strength instead?

Give and Take

A collection of moments between two ardent lovers and their mind-control dynamic.

Fun with Sabrina & Jon

Mary and Adam give their new babysitter some special lemonade, and soon the virginal teen is docile and submissive to all their perverted desires. Will Chloe ever notice that the couple don’t even have kids?

First Time (SleepyTimeSlut)

Lucy has an idea. However, she is going to have to test it out a few times to iron out the kinks.

Experimentation (HypnoticHarlequin)

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