anal Stories in November 2018

«Jeremy enjoys a wild three-some with his two brides»

Recollections 2 Ch. 05

«Billy the kid and his friends take Shante and Tammie to the park»

Billy the kid ch 5

A husband's back rub turns into something unexpected.

Back Rub

Rand takes control back and shows her what humans are made of.

The defiling of a Gorgon 2/2

«Three teenagers sexually dominate two mature black women»

Billy the kid ch 4

«Two coworkers engage in an office affair»

Working the holiday Monday

«More deciphering of this ability and hustling with it.»


A holiday quickie.

Merry Fucking Christmas

The beginning of Emily's sexual awakening.

The Downfall of Emily Ann

A writer encounters an unknown entity in the woods... or did she?

The Monster in My Dreams

Lacie has her first experience with a black man and his BBC.

The Devil Made Me Do It

"Just put it in," she insisted.

Pat meets Peter part 2

«Tasha is ravaged by her dog, during a live broadcast of her webcam show»

Tasha's webcam show

«I encourage my wife to strip in the window for me, but a couple drunks come walking by and decide that her exhibition was for them. They knock on the door and when my wife answers it, they push their way in and take what they want.»

Strangers Fuck My Wife Like A Filthy Whore

«Mrs. Umayyah's whorish behavior is unmasked! Her husband knows just how to punish the slut while her daughter watches!»

Daughter's Slut Trainign 14: Mommy's Naughty Punishment

«A freshman pledging a high end sorority is given an unfair ultimatum by a sorority sister with daddy issues.»

The Pledge

«Fred's friend sends him to different coffee shop where he becomes a pawn between the empoyee's game»

Witches Brew Coffe shop

«Ash finally meets Laura's niece, Amy, and she's nothing like he expected.»

Southern Hospitality Ch.04

A transvestite's alluring dress leads to unexpected consequences.

The Skimpy Red Dress

It is really strange how a chance meeting can lead to a life-changing experience…


«Brother, sister, and Aunt share things among themselves that are seldom shared between family members.»

Family Fun

«Lily-May tells her story to a kindly Irishman»

Lily-May McCarthy


I'm Sorry

  The long day finally came to an end, after the girls swim team managed to pull off the biggest upset of the year. We beat the defending state champs by one point in our own pool. After the celebration, congratulatory handshakes and hugs, I headed to the locker room to hurry the girls along. When everybody had gone, I sat in my office reveling in our victory and enjoyed the silence...Read On

My Tentacle Encounter

Ren enters through the back door.

Island Fever Ch. 07

The ‘fantastic seven’ finally become a unit…

Back Then: Part Two

Melissa was oblivious to the emergency as she masturbated on the bed.

A Very Naughty Girl – Causes a Fire!

I torture Katyuska in a different way while teaching Vera to deepthroat

LEP Ch03: SupaNova Part 1

The Hollywood Madam was not his type, but business was business.

Lenny's Roots - Chapter 8

Coming of age with my father and our butch neighbours, among others…

Back Then: Part One

Submissive MILF is impregnated by her boss in Florida

Submissive Lactating MILF Becomes a Cum Dump for Her Boss and His Friends

«The girls meet their captors' friends.»

Lost and Found V

Halloween.. the official way to be a whore.

Naughty Spirits of Halloween

The wedding night artist concludes his sketching of the two grooms consummating their marriage...

The Paint Job (Part 4)

When a widow and her stepson move in opposite, a friendly approach leads to sex.

A widow's erotic confession

School started in September and with it came relief. The summer had been too long – hot, stifling and overflowing with emotion. It had been almost two months since Dad’s funeral and talking to the same people had become as torturous as retreating to the four stark walls of my bedroom. Nobody knew what to say and I didn’t know what to say to them. I thought school could be an escape. New...Read On

Blinded by Assumption

«As two slaves recover from a day of brutal torment, their sadistic mistress returns for another round»

Escape Into a Trap: Part 2

A very helpful stranger and a very fun night.

Back Door Bus Stop

A writer heads off to the frontier for inspiration.

A Town Called Eclipse

The party continues with anal gang bangs and a triple airtight.

The Wives' Initiation Orgy - Part Four

Sure, what goes around comes around, but why can't apply to the good things in life?

What are the Chances?

«Small time corporation raid attempt»


Filling your ass with my cock, I tighten my jaw in pleasurable resistance. As I steadily plunge deeper, you hold in all sound, along with your breath. Struggling and failing not to rush, I push all the way inside you, and a single scream eludes your grasp. As soon as I feel able to do so without cumming, I retract, then thrust again. Gentle play has quickly given way to fucking your ass so...Read On

Incurable Arousal

An introduction to the adventures of an anal whore.

Anal Poetry Recital Pt. 01

«The final futas square off to determine which side will win: Summer or Winter!»

The Futa Fairy - Futa Fairies' Naughty Game Chapter 9: Officer Cindy & Deidre's Hot Menage

«"Do you like my ass?"»

Anal Mom

«The Auction and The Master’s and Mistresses and Andre his first Time at The House»

Slave Training & Auction Chapter 19 and 20

«A total stranger teaches Katie and Ted how to sexually satisfy each other by fucking Katie for a whole week. REVISED from Katie's Sexual Awakening chps 1 - 8»

Katie and Ted, and a stranger

«Leyla's brother arranges for a massive gangbang!»

Daughter's Slut Trainign 13: Sister Gets Gangbanged

«My first real experience with a woman. I still wonder who enjoyed more? Read the story and comment if you understand who wanted it more.»

My First Mate

«panty-wearing male getting what he needs»

Another Way I Want It to Happen

Watching you playing with your clit while I fuck you slowly, I'm smiling. The rhythm of thrusts is steady and unchanging as I gaze down at you. I love to see what your beautiful face does as I touch you, and hold eye contact while you cum against my cock. I love the sound of your voice as you moan and growl into the flesh of my hand that you hold firmly in your teeth. As I listen and watch,...Read On

Immutable Attraction

Sean teaches Rev Fulmer the folly of taking a joke too far.

He Who Laughs Last

A dungeon owner invents a steam powered fucking machine.

The Pounder

The Vegas trip had made me more valuable to my boss and the firm. After another promotion as a Wall Street stock analyst, I was home for Thanksgiving. I asked about Cicely, not mentioning that I had met Mila. Mom wasn't likely to understand that her niece was a stripper, a sometimes porn star, and maybe more. Tracking down Cicely turned out to be easier than I thought. My mom said Cici was,...Read On

Cousin Cici: Part Two

The two girls were almost identical but their needs for sex were not similar at all.

Lenny's Roots Chapter 7

Vera learns how a typical day at Katyuska's new job goes

LEP Ch02: Vera's Contract

Woman caught masturbating gets her just desserts.

A Conference Cream Pie

A first time anal story featuring a man and woman.

Chloe's List

A sexually frustrated mother has some fun on a plane

Airplane Slut

Dirty Dreams leads to a rough reality.

Dirty Dreams

Katyuska is coerced into signing her body into sexual servitude

LEP Ch01: Taming Katyuska

A mob boss, his wife & her lover(s).

Piano Man

Another summer holiday with our heroes.

Year 3 with Jane and Tony Pt. 03

Her boyfriend tries not to wake her.

Soft and Sound Asleep

«What the hell is a synopsis»

Sister helps after hard hit part 2

«Two girls think they pulled off the perfect crime, but they walked right into the captivity of a cruel mistress»

Escape into a Trap

«Cody keeps digging his own grave»

Teacher's pet 5

«What happened when my mom comes to visit.»

Hairy Mom

Anne goes from Dirty Girl to Filthy Girl.

O Holey Night: Ass, Mouth, Pussy

A wonderful day to turn 18.

18th Birthday

Bi-curious Billy had a dark secret. He loved picking up guys at urinals…

The Lure

«Josh has his passion for hairy women, who knew that his boss would help him realize his fantasy....»

Caught Red Handed

Adam enjoys his first pegging experience.

Room 187

Glyn gets smothered by ‘hot chocolate,’ in an interracial gangbang…

Hot Chocolate

The two grooms show their wedding night artist how they want their consummation to be painted...

The Paint Job (Part 3)

Skull-fucked by my skanky straight roommate at college…


«Nancy and Paul meet a new couple to play with.»

Chapter 10: Iris and Gary (Nancy Series)

«A sexy ghost gets involved on a mans holiday»

A Strange Happening

«A sexy ghost gets involved on a mans holiday»

A Strange Happening

«Titan the Orc King is winning the war, but King Regen has a treaty in mind to save his Kingdom, at only the cost of his daughter, young Elzira.»

A Strong Alliance: Elzira (Ch. One)

«After their mom catches them in the act, Laurie and Tom Baker turn to their twisted friend, Eleanor, to resolve the problem. It predictably backfires.»

Well, That Backfired 2

«Leyla has a hot threesome with with a sexy daughter and her hunky daddy while Mrs. Umayyah continues to enjoy her wild time with her young stud!»

Daughter's Slut Trainign 12: Daughter's Slutty Fun

«This is the story of how my dad's boss took adavantage of the condition of dad and fucked my mom»

Mom fucked by Dad's boss

«This is the story of how me and my daughter's got adopted into a African tribe as there breeding slaves»

Adoption of me and my daughter's into tribe

«On a trip with my Father to visit my Grandmother in the hospital, I am seduced by my Cousin and lose my virginity.»

I lost my virginity to my Cousin, Sandy

«While on vacation Amber and Josh have a quicky in a theme park restroom.»

Theme Park Quicky

«Oh please don't stop. Keep fucking me. Harder, baby.»

Sister's First Anal Fuck

Figging - a story & a how-to.

Figging Experience

«Nelson uses his new spy cams to spy on his dad and step mom, as well as to set up a whole range of spy cams throughout his house.»

The Amazon Box Chapter 2

«In the quest for ultimate power, it can be hard to resist the lure of darkness. Beings of great strength cast from the world were just a summons away for aspiring Summoner Leo, but all it takes is one little mistake for the tables to turn.»

Crossed Lines

«In a future world, not that distant from our own, overpopulation is no longer an issue... but the survival of the human race is. Eighteen-year-old James Wiseman reports for his first monthly “deposit” and finds out that he is a very special young man.»

Donor X

«Fucking the librarian with a broom until we get interrupted by the cleaning lady»

Filling Her Holes In The Broom Closet

«At a time of decision, Jack moves to continue on his advancement of his future.»


«Robin is invited to the Hunting Grounds, only knowing this has something to do with the gangbang he was forced to take part in (and swiftly enjoyed) he has an urge deep down to go and discover the secrets of this place, and witness prey, including himself, in their natural environment...»

The Hunting Grounds: Run or be... PART 1

«this is the story of how my mom got sexual adventures from tribal men»

Moms adventure with tribal men

«this is the story of how my mom got fuked hard by a tailor»

Mom fucked hard by a tailor

«A man marries a woman, but only after seeing her gorgeous daughter.»

Married for Blair

«As the final futas in the game clash, things heat up for all involved!»

The Futa Fairy - Futa Fairies' Naughty Game Chapter 8: Mrs. Fatima & Keily's Wicked Fun

«Young tenant fins a stash of old racy photos of his mature landlady»


«After the party, Daemon sleeps and dreams a new life to realise.»

Sleazy Satanic Cult - 4 - The Dream

«Things heat up as the rakshasa and her heart plot to seize the throne!»

The Rakshasa's Heart 3: The Rakshasa's Whip

Santa gets help from his co-ed elves and Ms Claus. Ho-ho-ho

Santa's Helpers

Marie's story of finding love for anal sex.

Marie's Story Pt. 01

Kyra is tied up and used unlike ever before.

Kyra's Training Pt. 01

My boyfriend blindfolds me and makes me fuck a stranger.

Fucking a Stranger

Glyn gets smothered by ‘hot chocolate,’ in an interracial gangbang…

Hot Chocolate

Bob has fun with friends until...

Bob Is Turned Into A Cuckold

My summer of experimentation comes to an end

My Girlfriend's Dad: Last Chapter

Glyn gets smothered by ‘hot chocolate,’ in an interracial gangbang…

Hot Chocolate

Needing to relax she is offered a special touch.

Abigail's Massage

This thing never happens. But it did today.

From the Webcam to My Bed

Becca tries anal sex and gets more than she bargained for.

Poor Becca Ch. 04

Jackie and Jill both looked identical when they were naked, only one's pointed tongue was a clue.

Lenny's Roots Chapter 6

James discovers that he is very special... and very desired.

Donor X

A surprise ending to a company Halloween party.

Sandy's Halloween Surprise

A hot, interracial office hookup between a mature woman and a younger man.

Lilith's Lust

A jogger falls into the horny clutches of a homeless duo…

Jogger's Dilemma

Gwen turns up the heat with her boyfriend Max

Talking Dirty Pt. 2: Anal

As I rode the elevator to the girls room a million questions crossed my mind. First and foremost was what am I doing? I had just received the greatest blow job in the world from a lovely female dress as a harem dance. The fact that I was sitting in a booth in a nightclub and her friend was watching intensified the feeling. As one of the stunning ladies worked on my cock her friend kissed...Read On

Another Halloween Party. Part 2

Kelly joins the fun.

Making my son happy - Chapter 2

The three of us twisted and turned arousing passions hotter than the fires of hell.

My Sweet Sociopath

Sam and Jess go through their extreme anal morning routine.

Sam and Jess: Anal Etiquette

Miss Yomiko number two was hiding her superior skills in both oral and anal pleasures.

The Two Miss Yomikos

My girlfriend takes me to see her hair stylist.

A New Salon Experience

Dan teaches his staff a lesson she'll never forget.

Teaching Demi

My night with Chase continues and It's another first for me

It Turns Out Some Of Those Letters Must Have Been True After All... Part VI

Short, sweet, fuckstory.

Loving His Cock

Helene's all night gang bang.

Ferry Couple 3 - Helene's Gang Bang

Ramon reported that Lenny had taken one in the head and two in the chest.. final curtain.

Lenny's Roots Chapter 5

Longtime platonic friends discover the ecstasy of swapping in their mid-forties.

Old Friends and Neighbors Discover Swapping

If our heroes deviate from the norm, should we accept them for what they are?

Getting Hot in the Fire House

As the finale to Chapter Thirty-Six nears, Harry cannot resist this deviant encounter.

The Last Bookshop - The Perfect Whore Part II

anal stories in October