anal Stories in April 2018

Trey loved them ugly and hung…

Trey's Obsession

«Ariela brings in a new aid to help her route out the traitor»

Ariela Ch.04: Security

Laurence finally claims all of Ruby.

His Sweet Slave Pt. 4

You have to give the president of this secret society a screaming orgasm.

Auctioning His Body For Money - 1

Rose is seduced by a black lesbian

Lesbian Magic Part Three

My growing obsession with the need for spunk.

Spunk Obsession.

A couple discover the swinging lifestyle

The Swap

«Making difficult choices.»


Jay helps me feel better after an injury while dancing.

Jay Nurses My Injury

An overworked boss is visited by his wife after hours.

Stress Relief

A wife fucks her husband

Friday's Pleasures

«Getting reacquainted after nearly 40 years with a few kinks and twists thrown in. Part 2.»

Meeting A Long Lost Friend and a Couple New Ones (Saturday Turns Dark)

«Getting reacquainted after nearly 40 years with a few kinks and twists thrown in.»

Meeting A Long Lost Friend and a Couple New Ones (The Bright Side)

«The story continues. The next day»

Me and the family Part 4

Qatari Muslim psychiatrist treats a Somali voyeur.

Dr. Fatima Al-Qaradaghi

Lady Vernon thrashes the stable boy and attends to his priapic organ

Pain and Pleasure 2: The Punishment Horse

Young Graduate rents room from mature woman then helps him with his business.

My New Landlady Chapter Two

When my wife is away, my stepdaughter begins to play...with my ass.

Tamed By My Stepdaughter

A horny concert-goer fucks my wife right next to me.

Stranger Sex At The Concert with Kelly

«The Auction and The Master’s and Mistresses and Andre his first Time at The House»

The House Slave Training & Auction Chapter 19 and 20

«Molly meets her Master. Nat, Eric and Mistress Ann»

The House Slave Training & Auction Chapter 15 and 16

«Can Sven submit to the fairy queen's domination and be her good boy?»

The Rogue's Harem Book 2, Chapter 5: The Queen's Good Boy

«An intended confidential Mother/Daughter talk; end in a wild night of drinking and fucking with strangers, for a Mother and her two young daughters.»

Haley just wanted a quiet drink with Mom and her big Sister

«The guys continue with copying the actions of the magazine picture...»

Sleep Over Part 2

«A pair of Brothel Whores put on their first performance and get claimed as bitches by four dogs.»

Sisters in Slavery Chapter Eight Part two

«continued story of caving in to my desires»

A Junkyard Breeding Part 2

«The rise of a commoner to the peerage.»


«(Shemale on Male) Never understimate an Eredar with a massive cock..»

(Shemale on Male) Never understimate an Eredar with a massive cock..

«Here is a story about my ex and her husband, and myself. The first part is true. Where her husband enters the picture is fantasy. Names changed for anonymity of course.»

My ex, her husband, and their sissy

«A wife has big problems after a bad snowstorm while hubby is away. Her neighbor helps out.»

Snow Storm

«Disclaimer-All the characters in this story are above 18 years of age. A sexually abused young minded boy deprived of love escapes his childhood home and travels around searching for love.»

My Sad Life Part 1(Sex is not love)

«The girls and I have our sleepover and we face the future.»

Master! Master! FINAL CHAPTER

«Sex with internet friend continues, with wife»

First Time Internet Hookup, Ch. 4

My wife lets me fuck her ass for the first time.

Training My Wife's Ass

Royal guard tries his luck at seducing Elf Priestess

Seduction of a Royal Guard

Cathy get the two cocks she has been wanting

Love Thy Neighbour Chapter Seven

There has been tension between AJ and his boss since they met. Today that tension is unleashed.

AJ's Adventures 1

When in trouble, call the customer service hotline.

The Other Other Toy Story

An unexpected find destroys Andrea's plans for the afternoon.

Pictures from the past

A millennial story.

Lonely twenties: A quick swipe

Seduced by my best friend's mother (part fiction).

My First House Part 2

Mother and son realise that they want each other.

A Friday Night That Changed My Life: Chapter One

Fucktoy gets facefucked, her ass destroyed, pissed on.

Free Use Whore Pt. 01

Young guy goes to the city to get laid

A hot night

A short true story of my first time

Alone At Last! My First Sissygasm.

Vegas trip to remember

Little Black Dress Part 1

«Victor is failing at School , his grades are very bad. Mr Smith tries a last desperate - and very sexual solution - to help Victor. Also we follow the the life of Victor , a naughty and horny boy and his other sexual experiences!»

Victor the naughty school boy learns a lesson!

«We all have a fun day outside, Betty and I spend some quality time together, and Neija and I talk things out.»

Master! Master! Part 15 + Interlude

«Amy gets gang banged on holiday»


«World of Warcraft - Night Elf boy travels to alternate Draenor, and he still cannot escape his fate of becoming a sissy.»

(Shemale on Male) A boy can't outrun his fate of becoming a sissy..

A night on the town turns in to so much more.

The Cop, The Cam, and The Crooks

I get down with the birthday girl. The first episode in a series of true sex stories.


«Evan and his girlfriend Julianne continue to use and abuse Claire, training her to become a sex slave.»

The Power of Science (Chapter 4) - Claire's New Life (continued)

«The continued story of Kara and her search for perverted sex.»

The Making of a Whore, part 2

«A young college woman’s discovery of perverted sex begins»

The Making of a whore

The final tease and abandon with my love.

The Experiment Pt. 03

Young Graduate rents room from an older woman

My New Landlady

Cam takes Alyson and Emilia's asses. Emilia makes a proposal.

Alyson's Second Anal Experience

Kim stepped into her dark bedroom reaching for the light switch after her shower. She was cleaning up before going out to dinner with her husband later. She was naked and wet. Suddenly, she felt familiar hands on her back shoving her to the bed face down. It could only be her neighbor Sam. He had done this many times before, and she always loved it. A syringe was inserted into her ass...Read On

A Flash In The Dark

«After her first nightmare, her first sexual encounter with her brother, she wouldn't openly admit an attraction to him but she used the excuse of another bad dream to be near him once more.»

Another Nightmare

«Amy gets gang banged on holiday»


«An old friend needs help with his disinterested wife.»

Helping out a buddy and his wife

«A young woman, Cheyanne, is hunted down and gang raped by zombies who hunger for sex»

Trouble With Zombies

«Samantha is being paid by a 60-year-old man daughter to take care of the 60-year-old man, who slowly losing his memory due to Alzheimer.»

Mr. Malcolm

«Ariela brings in a new aid to help her route out the traitor»

Ariela Ch.03: Security

«Ariela continues her conquest of the Prince to tighten her grip on the realm.»

Ariela Ch.02: Broken In

Tim helps a stranger stranded on the side of an Irish country road and gets rewarded for his kindess

Stranded Stranger Sucks Tim Off before Riding him Raw

After our session in the locker rooms at the pool, the Married Guy told me to go home and get ready.

Getting Slammed by the Married Guy

Retired Army Officer is offered a job in a Seniors' House

Portland House: Chapter Four

First story

Both Ways

An Ass Man is surprised by his Commuter Fantasy.

My Morning Cherry

A sexy coworker introduces Meredith to anal play.

It Started in the Conference Room

«She waves her signs and I take notice.»


An afternoon of erotic play in the forest.

Woodland Nymph

Caroline leads a stranger to a secluded corner of the library

A Naughty Student Bangs a Stranger in the Library

Cathy has some new friends

Love Thy Neighbour Chapter Five

Shakespeare asked the question. If you met someone with your name, would you be attracted or flee?

What's in a Name?

First time giving head.


«Lori finds a way to pay the bills after her husband made a complete mess of their finances. She's the agency's daytime girl, but she didn't anticipate her client's request.»

Wife, Mother, Hooker

«To award the winner of her beauty pageant, Becky must be satiated by the three finalists and their naughty toys!»

The World's First Futa 06 - Futa's Beauty Pageant 3: Futa's First Naughty Award

«Older teen finds a shack in the woods while hiking and things get interesting.»

The Shack

«Nic takes advantage of his position to aquire his first slave.»

The Creation of my Slave - Chapter 1

«The world finally gets to see the girls.»

Master! Master! Part 13

«A girl becomes a slave, then fate gives her the upper hand...»

Taking Turns as a Slave

«With Clint's help, the wicked twins set about seducing their mother!»

Twin Sister Delights Chapter 6: Twins' Wanton Mother

«-- Hope its not hurting Momma? Do you want to stop?»

Anal Mom

«Sven enjoys the royal delights of two princesses!»

The Rogue's Harem Book 2, Chapter 3: Royal Delights

Let's fuck in the shower

The Kinky Birthday Surprise - Phase 3

A visit to Cleopatra's Court

The Grimoire -Part 2 - Cleo Baby

Alyson's friend and her boyfriend show her the joys of anal.

Alyson's First Anal Experience

A Hot Teen Preion

My beautiful girlfriend loves being my real life sex doll.

My Fuck Toy

Lisa's hot time in the woods leads to fun in a hot tub

The Downfall Of A Schoolteacher Chapter 2

Tom introduces Cathy to the joys of anal sex

Love Thy Neighbour Chapter Four

Our heroes go to France, host a party and a wedding.

Year 4 with Jane and Tony Pt. 04

I want to be fucked down and dirty.

Down and Dirty Cowboy

Frank can't get enough of Ruth and Paul, but Carol remains on the subs bench.

Cuckold or Twink? Part 2

She always wanted to share.

Hard To Believe... Well Maybe Not

After reluctantly going upstairs, my worries are comprehensively negated…


Love grows for Isobel.

Healing Myself Part Two

Sarah takes two cocks and Astrid helps.

Nicholas Dives Deep

Back at the camp site the sex was amazing

We Weren't Prepared for Camping Chapter 10

«Becky, the world's first futa, judges the sexy talent portion of the Miss Bred Beauty Pageant!»

The World's First Futa 06 - Futa's Beauty Pageant 2: Futa's First Sultry Decision

«Kora is inspired to new heights of the sexual arts by her hermaphroditic muse.»

The Rogue's Harem Book 2, Chapter 2: The Priestess's Inspiration

«Chad is a thirteen-year-old boy in a family of 10 boys and only two girls, but all he wants to do is to mess around with his brothers.»

Chad and his brothers

«Lilla is tricked and defiled by the butler, the doctor, her brother and»

Lilla Tricked and defiled

«This is The story of my moms tour encounter while she went into a solo boat ride in an island with the boat man.»

Moms chilling boat ride and Hard fuck

«Same as previously mentioned. In a wave of housekeeping of my stories on this site, I inadvertently removed some stories that were very popular in rating and readership.»


«How naughty can a girl be?»


«There is a clandestine group organized to attack sex stories published on the internet.»

The secret war on Internet Sex Story writers.

«Guys aren't always the heroes of my stories.»


«Andy introduces me to his friend Julie, so he can show her how well I suck cock»

2nd time with Andy...... and Julie

«Melony finds out the hard way why it is best to travel the beaten path.»

Ticket to Ride

«I've been dying for a good fuck. Not getting enough so I took ot into my own hands»

My Craigslist Ad.

«Wife discovers her husband cheating and wants revenge»

Hell Hath No fury...

«Adrian is on a mission. Learn how to please a man without any risk of pregnancy. Rule 1 though is "I cum first."»

Prior Planning Prevents Pregnancy

«I'm a lonely single lady who needs some loving, and there's no man here but the one with four legs.»

Rex and Me

«Lilly and Jacob have a rollicking good time at the local zoo.»

Fun at the Zoo

«Curious, first time, true, Male male, boy»

from curious to first time part 6

«This is the first story I have ever submitted. Anywhere. Please leave your thoughts but be kind about them. This story is from two points of view. Tracey’s and Jon’s»

When a Stalker Strikes

Angela just wanted her ass fucked, why was it so hard?

His Wife was out of Town

The fall of a macho.

A Girlfriend's Revenge

Clara's old field hockey kilt tantalizes Mark into a night of ass play.

Uniform Ass Play

He finds out her fantasy and gives it to her.

Caught Reading Erotica

Trusting my hair with the new girl.

The New Hair Stylist in Town

Steph meets Carl and finds a new part of herself.

Carl, No. 1: The Hotel Currant

Wife offers up her cousin.

My Wife's Cousin Part 1

Retired Army Officer is offered a job in a Seniors' House.

Portland House Chapter Three

You will cum when I say you can

The Kinky Birthday Surprise - Phase 2

Call me Mistress

The Kinky Birthday Surprise--Phase1

anal stories in March