anal Stories in May 2018

A man enters the Sim to live out his anal free use fantasies.

Free Use Sim

Water delivery boy gets a surprise

H2 Oh! Part 1

Lucy meets two new friends and has a ball.

A Bank Holiday Weekend

Man is spanked and fucked in ass by partner in punishment.

Gotta Stop Misbehavin', or Not

An unplanned meeting leads to a new obsession and a party where anything goes.

Cleopatra, the Cat and the Orgy.

One night stand turns into a passionate affair, but disaster is waiting around the corner

Acts of Infidelity - Mel & Chris - Part 2

Peaches, young hot and seductive asks Mark for a favour.


Greg learns that when dreams come true they invariably arrive loaded with baggage.

Falling Off Her Pedestal: When the Girl of Your Dreams Turns out to be an Anal Slut.

Expecting oral sex and going to a new level.

Not What I Was Expecting

My man deserves all the pampering after a long day.

Playing with My Man's Ass after Work

Thank you so much JWREN for editing my story. Your amazing.

Late Night at the Office

Caz enacts a fantasy


A new friend comes over for a drink, and much, much more.

Our new Friend

Janey didn't plan for her night to be quite so... Eventful. And retelling it only makes her hotter.

Fuckdoll in the back of a van

Miss Jones reaping the benefits of the friendship

Friends with benefits - part 3

«Becky, the world's first futa, is eager to fuck the bride despite her promise. Now if she can only figure out where she is.»

The World's First Futa 08 - Futa's Wedding Delight Chapter 2: Futa's First Naughty Wedding

«A lust-murder of a classy doctor.»

The Dark Alley

«Melody goes forward with her plan to help Becky lose her virginity as publicly as possible!»

Public Incestuous Passion 3 - Sisters' Naughty Display

«One man and two young women who are the same person.»


«Hailey enjoys a brief family holiday in Andalusia and meets some of the locals»

Always Pull Your Curtains - Chapter 3

«The adventures of my surreal taxi driver.»


«Marcus my surreal taxi driver.»


«Marcus the surreal taxi driver.»


«Richard takes his birthday present.»

Alone at Work Ch.4

«Lisa get's kidnapped and trained. At some point she even likes the most weird body mod and all done to her.»

Lisas Transformation 17-18

«Young girl finally gets to become a full member of the Dog Shaggers (DS) club by completing the final tasks»

The Chico Tales - Ch 6 - Joining the club

Daddy has a little task for you tonight

Hey Baby, Your Daddy Wants You Now

A man hires a private investigator to gather evidence on his cheating wife...


A pretty boy seduces his caner and gets intimate with Matron

Strict Schooling 2

A text makes a boring work day so much better

A Boring Day Gets Better

«The government sends a man to a Faraway planet to find out about the alien species that inhabits the planet.»

Studying alien species

«Jonathan continues to think back to his travels, this time remembering a very hot sexual encounter with 2 German cousins.»

A Traveler's Tale - chapter 2: The German cousins

A lone women driving in the heat gets even hotter.

Police Play

A summer afternoon leads to fun in the shower.

In the Shower

«a guy gets lucky in the wood then a few months later everything changes»

unlucky encounter

I get to know my new professor reeaaaaallllly well.

Getting to Know My New Professor

More steamy summer fun.

Anal Summer Ch. 10

Another night of curry and sex for Bill, an introduction to anal sex for Sunita and Mother...

An Arranged Marriage - Part VII

Kelly enjoys five cocks before the night is over.

Halloween '95 with Kelly

The wife swap continues for a second day.

The Grimoire - 6.1 - Jennie et Al

A new friend comes by for a drink, and for much, much more.

Our New Friend

Loyalties are challenged as Robert gets greedy.

Backdoor Favor Ch. 02

Crime Story: Among other vices, makes husband watch.


A man enjoys one of the most beautiful women in the brothel.

Dream in a Dress

A beautiful morning encounter.

First Thing I See

An innocent girl enjoys a lesson.

She Cums from Away (The Hand Job Series)

A love letter of sorts to my partner.

A Date to Remember

About That Summer.

Mrs. Steven Rudy Ch. 08

Wesley becomes the knob polisher for three straight guys at college…

Knob Polisher

You can pay with your ass, pussy, or mouth

The Hitchhiker -- 1

Captain Silvercloud takes a bath after a long day

The Lady's Guest

Dowdy, prim, but it's what's inside a woman that counts

Forget Beauty, It's Overrated

A short sex scene about a couple coming together.

Missing You

I fucked an MILF.

Finally Fucked the MILF

Changing minds in changing times.

Lonely Twenties: Recruiting Happiness (Finished)

A summer's afternoon ends up in the shower.

In the Shower

Avery wins date night bet & takes Hank to the gloryhole.

Avery Dirty Date Night 01 - Friday

Fresh college graduates learn tough lessons about the real world.

Lonely Twenties: Surprise Visit

The pure sexual octane of her submission flung him over the edge.

Shard 74.3: Wow

I take extreme measures in an attempt to win a game with a friend.

Playing Games

The true story of a two day test of who I could become

I will Not Break

Life continues for our heroes.

Year 5 with Jane and Tony Pt. 01

Tight Fittin' Jeans.

Mrs. Steven Rudy Ch. 06

An encounter at a club leads to a hard, rough, outdoor sex session

Club anal

Jules and Beth's special massage.

My Second Massage

It was obvious – there was only one solution.

It Was Obvious, Really!

Equal amounts of dreams and deception litter the City of Angels…

Thunder Cunt

Minimalistic domination porn.

The Only One

«Princess Caroline of Wuttenberg is kidnapped, hog tied, leashed and kept in a dog cage for customers at a tavern to fuck»

From Princess to Hog-tied Whore

«At halftime, after their fun on the bus ride, Megan, Ann, and Keegan try to continue their sex fun. However, their classmate Carter wants in on the fun. Only problem is, he wants Keegan.»

Marching Band Bus Ride Fun 2

«A boring day house sitting turns one form of fun into another. An ad on craigslist turns into a meeting and a lot of fun»

first time hooking up on craigslist

Friends reunite for reminiscing and new experiences

The Reunion Pt. 01c - Adam & Ashley

Take a first look inside...

Valkyrie's Lust Series (Chapter 4)

Laurence sets up an erotic, kinky gangbang for Ruby.

His Sweet Slave Pt. 6

I was invited to an eight man orgy and since I was one of only two bottoms, my arse got pounded.

My First Orgy/Sex Party

A young street whore is used by an unusual client

Paying for it

«Ron and Carmen make their fantasy come true with a stranger while on holiday.»


«Spying on woman having dog sex leads to woman having dog sex herself»

Be careful what you watch

«The ranch owner's son Kyle finds there is more to meet the eye when it comes to the new hired hand Amanda, a women with a little something extra who wants Kyle badly enough to make him hers.»

Life on the Ranch pt 1

Sara gives Danny a special surprise.

Closing Time Ch. 03

Jayla pursues her penchant for bad boys

Jayla's Bad Boy

Bette's magic gets her prof to fetishize her ass.

Book of Eros 02: Gluteus Magicus

Beth and Zach take in a new boarder with consequences.

Zach's Nieces Ch. 07: Mall Girl

«A NAKED LEGAL EPISODE. Jake, the large, black investigator in the firm takes Grace shopping for fun outfits for the office. Later, Jake’s two associates, Tim and Blake, join them for some clubbing and fun.»


«To distract Becky, the world's first futa, from fucking the bride-to-be, all her old friends show up to distract her with their hot pussies!»

The World's First Futa 08 - Futa's Wedding Delight Chapter 1: Futa's First Naughty Reunion

«Me and Andy get even more adventurous on our first time.»

Andy and Me - First Time Part 2

New buddy was low key about his stamina.

Long Term Fucker

Boys beaten for masturbating are shown by Lady Vernon how to do it properly

Pain and Pleasure 4: Boys will be Boys

Sexy big assed girl model's in ass toner shoes of all things.

The Slutty Commercial Ch. 01

This is Meagan’s story of adventure into being stripped, fucked and beyond.

Meagan's Journey Into Business - Her First Day

«Rebecca seeks help for her fear by meeting with Venus. Her treatment ends up being the toy of a group of men.»

Dr. Venus Sex Psychologist: Androphobia

«When a young boy goes through a rough breakup, you'd hope the one person he could always turn to is his mom. Unfortunately for Alex, his mom has better plans.»

Behind Closed Doors

«A 10-Part story about a son's fantasy, a mother's betrayal, and a secret that the two would share.»

My Mom's Secret, Part 6 - Welcome to Miami, Part 1

«When Jess finally arrives at class, she tells her friend Chloe exactly why she was late.»

Jess Tells All

«The many women in his life.»


«This is a mixture of new and older material, but organized into a complete narrative.»


«My preferences for Cougars gets reinforced!»

Living in Nevada a Long Time Ago

Anne pays a high price in her pursuit of pleasure.

A New Level of Submission

Slow and tender anal play to start the day.


Needy Mrs. Clarke finally gets with her hot masseur.

Mrs. Clarke and Her Masseuse

Kay introduces Dan to some of her fetishes.

Seven Days of Lust Part 5

If love between a father and his son involves sex, should we be shocked?

Dinner Will Be Ready Soon

«A young man finds out what it is to be dominated, spanked, and used as a young woman.»

Bitch in Heat

«Walter’s story continues.»

Summer at Pond Cove - Chapter 04

«A unification story.»


Friends reunite for reminiscing and new experiences

The Reunion Pt. 01b - Kayla & Issac

Dan gives Kay her dream

Seven Days of Lust Part 4

Emily and I meet our new neighbors, it's going to be a VERY fun summer.

Wet by the pool

Cathy get even more fun

Love Thy Neighbour. Chapter Eight

«Kora needs her brother and her hermaphroditic lover to insire her raptuoruous art in her!»

The Rogue's Harem Book 2, Chapter 6: Inspiring Art

«Guy visits his old college roommate after a few years, but falls for his fiancee»


«By Darkone82»

Chapter ten: War with Christy, Near miss with Lisa and Stephanie dream

«(Shemale on Male) Never understimate an Eredar with a massive sword.»

(Shemale on Male) Never understimate an Eredar with a massive sword.

«With his mind control powers, Henry starts an orgy with his and his friends mothers!»

Mind Controlled Mothers Club Chapter 2: Mommy Slut Orgy

«A total stranger, named Reggie, teaches Katie and Ted how to sexually satisfy each other by tricking Katie into his bed and fucking her non-stop during a seventy-two hour sex marathon at his motel. Ted watches and learns.»

Katie and Ted, and Reggie REVISED

«A pair of Brothel Whores put on performances that end with them becoming bitches of dogs.»

Sisters in Slavery Chapter Eight Part two

«After having her brains fucked out, Ellen's boyfriend drops in for a surprise visit»

Ellen & Steve 2: & Rick

«A horny beach comber rescues a gold digger ex-stripper from a broken down yacht and a bad marriage, educating her sixteen year old stepdaughter in the process.»

Gold Digger Rescue

«My Partners grand daughter uses me to learn about life and sex after going a bit wrong with her adult life choices.»

Rhianna's education part 2

«I put an add up on craigslist looking to meet a man twice my age (32).»

My first time with another man

«Its been a very hot summers day, all day you have been working in the garden overheating, sweating, getting very sticky in your clothes»

Hot Summers Night

Friends reunite for reminiscing and new experiences.

The Reunion Pt. 01a - Ben & Emma

A masked ball provides the cover for quickie anonymous sex

Hunting At The Masked Ball

Relationship problems lead to a make-up anal threesome.

Alyson, Emilia, and Cam: Ass Lovers

A shy girl’s first taste of oral sex.

First Licks

Work hard, play harder

Sophie's Release

anal stories in April