anal Stories in September 2017

«Becca, the futa-reporter, has one wild talk show as she fucks her daughter live on the air!»

The Futa Fairy - Futa Reporter's Wicked Wish Chapter 3: Becca's Wild Talk Show

A confusing encounter on a late night train.

The Sleeper Train

I am finally ravished by Bluto, my comic book hero…

Popeye, The Sailor Man

«Chapter 4. The infection spreads through the forest, mutating any creature in it's wake, even a common fly is not safe.»

The R-Virus: Early Bird

«Secretly licking the receptionist behind her counter and fisting at the beach»

Secretly licking the receptionist behind her counter and fisting at the beach

«Danielle comes home in the middle of the night, but what does she find? The five year series wraps up with one more set of adventures.»

Sisters By The Pool Part 17 (Series Finale)

«Young female, trying to discover her sexuality. She gets help from her loving Aunt....»

Erica's Loving Aunt Julie

«Xandra discovers a naughty use for her elementals while Xera and Minx relationship splinters and shatters.»

The Knight and the Acolyte Book 9, Chapter 3: Naughty Elements

«we never thought this would happen»

( 1 )our caravan holiday gets of to a great start

«we really found a great spot to park up»

( 2 )Our caravan holiday gets better

«If like me you have a fascination with what’s under them, then perhaps the story of my trip to the Western Isles of Scotland will get the blood pumping through those perverted veins!»

Deryk (2) - A Fascination with Kilts

«Young white girl's black fantasy comes true»

Karla’s Curiosity 1: Girl dreams of black cock

«the more the merrier»

(4 ) The Holiday fun contines

«A girl runs away from home and gets involved with a biker gang.»

02 - The Julie Journals - The Biker Gang

«A promising young model becomes a Black Cock addict»

Black Cock Factory 1: Danielle

«A pretty young redhead is taught a lesson»

Black Cock Factory 2: Mara

«(Shemale x Male) Ash continues his journey of discovery with Laura.»

Southern Hospitality Ch.02

«A visit with the cat to the vet results in more than I bargained for....»

Austin the Veterinarian

«Daddy dominates his second daughter and her lesbian girlfriend!»

Daddy's Mind-Controlled Daughters 2: Two Daughters Double the Fun

«Jake goes on vacation with his family to mexico, allowing him spend some time away from his girlfriend who has been avoiding him.»

Jake's Saga - Ch. 2 - Spring Break

«teen guy learning sexuality»

First of many part 3

The best of 2016 - as chosen by you, the reader!

2016 Literotica Reader's Choice Awards Winners

«I was the entertainment for a long weekend of camping»

Kinky Camping: Day 1

A middle-aged couple learn that light bondage and humiliation turns them on.

Increasing Desire: Chapter 3 - Wanting More

«A schizophrenic teenage boy with a slutty counter-personality, and his magical twin sister run from the feds, and even greater dangers.»

Two Halves of a Whole: Part 1

«Billy always had a thing for redheads. He never had a whole lot of success with them...until he hit the jackpot.»


Oral sex and anal sex in hotel room.

Model Behavior Pt. 02

If my cock wasn't hard before, it sure as hell was now.

Visiting Sam part 4

Samantha finds some unexpected backdoor action in the Cayman.

Anal in Grand Cayman

An interesting way to inject fertilizer.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

She gets more than a reprimand from the police.

An interrupted journey home from the club

Their honeymoon is interrupted by unforseen circumstance which leads to something else

Token Honeymoon

A very enjoyable week-end conference.

Alley Anal

Roommates explore anal sex with a Doctor’s cock.

How to Have Anal Sex

«Angela and her companions reflect on how their lives changed during the quest and begin their new journeys in the conclusion to The Knight and the Acolyte.»

The Knight and the Acolyte Book 10, Chapter 13: Discovered Love

«My first time doing drugs for daddy»

Daddy, a chevy & oxy

«Mind and body claiming»

Daddy, a chevy & oxy part2

Our relationship becomes bisexual after I give her virginity to my lover…

Veda And AJ More Than Step-Mom And Step-Daughter

anal stories in August