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The party continues with Jess and her dad...

Jess' Birthday Request, Ch. 02

«Goaded into a bet with only one outcome, what a bind.»

Tight Spot

«"Like my cock Mom? Do you like the way I'm fucking you? Doesn't it feel good when my balls bounce off of your ass?"»

Mom's True Self

Young teen celebrates 18th birthday.

Birthday Surprise

Christine woke up on February the 12th with a sense of excitement. As if she would be meeting Santa again. She stretched as the suns morning rays shone through the crack of her curtains bathing her in a halo. Slowly the room came into focus and there on the bed by her feet was a present with a letter. The style was similar if not identical to the gift from Santa at Christmas. Excitedly she...Read On

Santa's Last Stop Part Two

For some, it's a long, difficult journey to find the right soul mate.

The Long Road from Perdition

The internet affair leads to secrets revealed.

Adam's Family Ch. 02

«A secretary gets in trouble with her boss and gets punished»

Secretary Sophie

«Luke provides a sensual massage for a sexy babe. In return, he gets some oily, kinky fun.»

Kiara’s Massage

«After leaving the fighting pit of Mereen on Drogon's back, Daenerys unfortunately learn that being the mother of a dragon won't keep her safe from his teenage lust.»

Game of Thrones Part 1: Daenerys Targaryan: The Dragon's Bride

«This is the story of how mom was fucked and screwed hard by some financier and his men whom dad borrowed money.»

Mom's pay back to financier

Femberly visits her childhood home and is seduced.

Femberly: Worth the Trip

Aliens attempt to breed with a non-breeder. Hilarity ensues!

Fucking Aliens

Year four with our heroes!

Year 4 with Jane and Tony Pt. 01

Eve reacquaints herself with witchcraft.

The Demon Eloc - Part 1

Slumber party gets naughty leading a single mother and step-daughter down a carnal path with friends

AJ’s Naughty Slumber Party

«a warning from her Dr and hubby leaving her»

Karen's new exercise regime

«Like is a struggling student in math. Jessica, another student, is a tutor who is able to help him. The two get very close to each other, sexually.»

Jessica, My Horny Tutor

«Cory set me up so that 2 of his buddies could breed her as well....they locked me out of my own house.»

Breeding Beauty Chp3 - Caught Outide looking in.

«Summer's coming again. This time bringing, not only a heatwave and together with it the memories about crazy things I did the last year, but also my terrible cousin. Now I have to spend ten days with that evil creature under one roof and make this time as pleasant as possible...»

Bad Influence #3

The final chapter - the train returns home.

The Sleeper Train Pt. 03

«A pizza delivery boy goes through an ass-opening ritual to accommodate two cocks later that night.»

Pizza Dlivery #2

«Ariela continues her conquest of the Prince to tighten her grip on the realm.»

Ariela: Broken In

«Emilia Clarke goes through hell to get a movie role.»

The Ordeal of Emilia Clarke

«Brian Jenkins is just a regular guy who loves hooking up with hot men at the local adult arcade.»

Tonight at the Adult Arcade

«Eva, a cute college girl; finds out the truth about her boyfriends true sexual nature.»

Awakening her inner sub

A Christmas Adventure

The Christmas Draw

Sue, Sally and I spend two days together before I leave to meet Lyn.

Leaving Sally to meet Lyn

Proving they are not only lesbian the girls enjoy an evening with the boys.

The Girls From LES - Part 4- The Toga Party

Tease control ahead

Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part Eleven

A bored housewife takes drastic steps to get excitement back in her life.

An Erotic Fantasy Made Real

Obsessed with skanky men…

Geyser Man

Women performing anal sex acts.

Anal Poetry Recital Pt. 02

I guess I need to be more careful about raiding my Sister's undies...


The proper way to wake up in the morning.

Waking Up with a Smile!

A pretty transvestite finds money can talk!


Gina'sl lover goes to the dark side

A night of passion takes a new turn

An inch in time, take nine

Robert, the randy married bobby.

Close friends plunge into the world of Femdom. Intense topic.

First Master

Wiley needs a hard cock.

Happy Anal Slut

Rick's wife Mikki steams up the men's locker room and gets her wish.

Nutcracker Sweet: Part 2 of 2

Chi and her hobby, and keeping in touch with the boyfriend.

But a Big Dream Ch. 02

It was the night before Christmas, and I get a surprise present

Santa Claus Is Coming

Time to flip Morgan!

Morgan's Organ, Part 2

A brothel tour when a protest takes place.

The Protest

«Cinderella becomes a sex slave.»

Dark Fairy Tale

«This is the sequel to "Mrs. H has to chaperone. I'm currently in the girl's locker room, on my knees sucking a teenage students cocks. When I hear the voice of another teacher...»

Mrs. H has to chaperone ch 2

«A bi-curious mans dream of his first time with another man.»

The Dream

She was the most beautiful woman I had ever met... Or was she?

Morgan's Organ

Afternoon delight

Daddy and I

«Master is not happy that his submissive wanted to end things, so he punishes her the only way she will understand.»

The Punishment

Her virgin ass mistakenly becomes the gift.

Room Service Anal Girl

«The story of my suprising and amazing first time with a guy.»

My First Time With Another Man

«An erotic comedy about a college outsider, who finds that his lone wolf personality makes him irresistible to the hottest girls on campus; the cheerleading squad.»

The Cheerleader Harem: Part 14 [Final]

Things get carried away when a wife wears lingerie at a photoshoot

Photoshoot gets out of hand

Sally and Jim explore each others asses.

Sally Finds a New Hot Spot Pt. 01

«Leyla and her naughty mommy adjust into their new lives as Daddy's sex slaves and whores!»

Daughter's Slut Trainign 15: Daughter's Incestuos Delight

«Vix, a timid lesbian takes a lust pill and opens herself up to everyone. Accompanied by a cock-hungry goblin, the drugged up girls make new friends with the sex-fueled ravenous townsfolk.»

Tamani the thick goblin seductress: Drugging the shy centaur girl, Vix

«Tami, a busty goblin chick morphs a young lad into a defenseless sheep girl. A large strong wolf finds them and forces the two into submission.»

Tamina the thick goblin seductress: Finding a playmate for the alpha wolf

«Big dicked mommy, her submissive twink son, and the transformed daughter explore each other's bodies for days to come.»

Spicy Story - The rest of the fuckin story

«A brother and sister learn to appreciate their mommy. But there is a secret in the family...»

Spicy Story - Mommy continues to spread her love

«I finally get to fuck John! Also have a little fun on the side»

Our story! My fantasy Part 3

«Cuck truly finds out what it means...How did I know that my kinky fetish when exposed would turn against me...»

Breeding Beauty Chp2 - Craigslist

«How did I know that my kinky fetish when exposed would turn against me...»

Breeding Beauty Chp2 - Craigslist BBC Bull

Softcore southern porn star tries to avoid losing virginity.

Marlene Runs The Gauntlet

In the Old West, a river can mean life or death. Or love.

Beyond The River

«Read the story and find out»

Aunt tricked me but i loved it part 4 ( double trouble

«An adventurer extols the extraordinary "bundas" of the girls of Brasil.»

Scent of Brasil

Two stressed college students reconcile a nervous breakdown.

Holiday Breakdown

My first experience having sex for money was sweeter than I expected

Gina brings pleasure to a sweet older man

Closer to completing the Cremorne, a malevolent force makes its presence felt.

The Last Bookshop - Black Miasma

A woodland walk becomes exhibitionism, and then much more.

A Woodland Walk.

Work Friends Make Nice in the Conference Room

Hard Work Fuck

Anal penetration with Officer Thompson.

The Downfall of Emily Ann Pt. 02

«Klara discovers the truth behind the Hotel's hidden secrets and submits herself to the wills of the Hotel’s guests.»

Room Service Chapter 2: Double Down

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