bestiality Stories in February 2018

«This story takes place 20 years after the summer fling with the original Samson.»

Samson Gets Familiar Part 3 Kaylie's Return

«Samson and I finally get to take our relationship to the next level»

Samson Gets Familiar Part. 2 End of Summer

«One nudist boy decides to take a trip to forest to rest from school, little did he know that the fauna of the forest had plans for him.»

The Mosquito Burrow

«A house wife turned into bestiality by mistake..»

milking the puppies

«The story continues for a young woman who is enslaved and abused by her dominant dog»

Lucius Part 2

«While Tina has her experiences at the convention, Mr. Woodburn has a conversation with a couple of the gangbang participants. Turns out they own a nearby kennel.»

THE BOSS'S SLUT 10: Convention Slut – Kennel Slut

«More dark, cruel stuff as Sam continues his rounds of the kennel»

The Kennel Master Part 3

«After the experiences at the convention, Tina is again invited to share the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Woodburn. Besides other play, Tina has conspired with Mrs. Woodburn to try the dogs with anal knotting.»

THE BOSS'S SLUT 11: Bitches In Heat

A woman enjoys being used like a prostitute

Who's That Whore?

«the story continues»

Who Me a Wizard II

«An Elven prisoner is broken in ways she couldn't imagine.»

War Prisoner

«A college student decides to do something she read about on some sex stories site.»

Camp Slut Rides Again

«In chapter 1, Max is betrayed by his sadistic girlfriend into a gay gang rape. In this chapter, he must do his best to make his way home naked, with hands bound behind his neck, and with trucks full of horny young men chasing after him. Not to mention the wolves. It does not go well.»

BETRAYED! Chapter 2

«A young girl starts to discover her sexuality and gets up to naughty adventures encouraged by her mothers friend.»

Alice's Descent into Debauchary

«Tina is the one to approach her boss about anal. They haven't done it and she never has. Her concern is when perhaps a client is the one to want it. She wants to be ready.»

THE BOSS'S SLUT 7: Anal Training

«My mom has me fuck the dog»

Getting dog-raped by my mom

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