oral Stories in March 2018

I wake up hung over in my daughter's bed.

Sins of the Father

«Dan is taught how to give a proper blowjob.»

But I am NOT gay pt. 2

«Dan never had any doubts about his manhood until he starts experiencing vivid sexual dreams his first night at college.»

But I am NOT gay pt. 1

Seducing an older lady

Mom's Best Friend -Part 1

A sub and her Dominant.


Ann's ass becomes red hot when her team loses.

Ann Loses The Bet, But Enjoys Her Loss

Carie prepares a very special meal for Vasily.

Apartment Seven Has A Golden Dinner Invitation

Sunita takes her new lover to the marital bed and for the first time enjoys sexual fulfillment

An Arranged Marriage - Part II

«Nicola continues her quest to conquer the school, after seducing Jenny, she works her magic on the rest of the bitch clique and eyes»

The Whore in Me part 3

A witch seduces a group of friends into a first time lesbian experience.

Lesbian Magic Part One

«Little slutty Lesley gets what she deserves after a dog and her classmate rape her. Marie enjoys herself at the twats expense»

Lesley Gets Fucked

«Continuing the story of my beautiful wife's sexual awakening, Mandy sets her sight on 1 man: her boss Glenn.»

Sharing My Wife Amanda Chapter 2

«What Started as a joke turned out to be so much more than I could have ever imagined.»

What Started As A Joke

«I met a guy at a group jack and we carried it over into some one-on-one action.»

My first close-up with a hard cock

«Sven and his harem of naughty women inspect the aftermath of their fight with the fairy duke! Meanwhile, Princess Ava cannot control her desires for her father!»

The Rogue's Harem Book 2, Chapter 1: The Princess's Desires

«My girl friend and I experience a memorable threesome with partner with a huge cock.»

A fantastic threesome

«Michael needs to clear up their relationship. Will he push her to far to fast?»

Learning the Lifestyle Pt 19 - Blurred Lines Defined

«When his sister damaged their father's prized classic car, Brad offered to take the blame. Provided she fuck him.»

Blackmailing Morgan

«Tiffany's attack continues in the boys' locker room.»

Unwanted: Part 10

«Minako and her twin sister have a naughty evening when they take their mother over to Clint's house for dinner.»

Twin Sister Delights Chapter 5: Twins' Wicked Evening

«Sam had always had to endure a rather flirtatious relationship with his dark-skinned beauty of a stepmom, but now he's been left alone with her for a couple of weeks their relationship, and his whole life, is going to be taken to a completely new level.»

Dark Desires

«Dr. Lawrence gets to see the craziness we live with.»

Master! Master! Part 11

«My wife agrees to have sex with a black stranger, and to do it right in front of me»

Blacked and Betrayed (chapter 1)

This place was known as the Lilypad Lake of the mermaids...

Lilypad Lake | Porn

Pat moaned, her head went to the side, "Mmmmn, wonderful."

Pat and Peter part 4 finale

Sometimes arranged marriages don't always work but arranged introductions might...

An Arranged Marriage - Part I

An abused wife finds refuge at the home and in the arms of a older friend.

Unexpected Visitor, Chapters. 3 And 4

Bill thinks his wife's bedroom game boring, until it takes a new twist.

Bill's Bedroom Bondage

Sis in law finds her panties dangling from my cock

Sister-in-Law Finds New Love For Doing Laundry

Music lyrics can sometimes change your life

I Kissed A Girl And Liked It! Part I

A man's longing for his teenage daughter sends him on an unexpected journey of pleasure.

The Longing: Chapter Two

Retired Army Officer is offered a job in a Seniors House

Portland House Chapter Two

It was a Friday and I hadn't seen my mum since she had caught my dad making love to me. Today, all that changed for the better. I had decided to skip school and head home early so I could surprise my dad. Like normal, I stripped out of my school clothes, slowly undoing every single button on my skin tight white blouse, revealing my sexy red bra hiding my firm 32C breaths. My big round...Read On

Mum In My bedroom

Seduced by my staff

The new store

For some men, impassive sex is enough.

The Room in the Attic

A day out at the zoo is never normal, not when Molly has naughty thoughts.

Teasing Daddy and Myself – Part 3 of 3

Neighbors go on a vacation

The House Sitter-Part 1

Sex and love happen at the most unexpected times.

Educating Noah

A good neighbor leads to some new thrills and sensations.

A Neighborly Seduction

Emma’s unique talent throws a new light on multiple orgasms.

Multiple Orgasms – Multiple Histories (Part 1)

Sworn enemies are brought together by a hot pussy, in a sizzling bisexual threesome…


An abused wife finds safety and romance in the arms and home of an old friend.

Unexpected Visitor

«Questions are answered.»

A Sorcerer in Downtown Atlanta Ch. 9

Rescued after a plane crash, I become a breeder for a colony of women.

Life Among The Amazons

«The Cumlord first meets the girls of Class 2A.»

Cumlord Stories: School Orientation - Part 2

«Melissa and her Stepdaughter, Niki, discover erotic fun together that includes Niki's friend.»

Wash Day Fun

The girls return to his camp and learn a secret

Warmer by the Lake - Chapter 2

Jack and Steph retreat to Phil’s lake house after a night at the masquerade.

Summer Discoveries No. 6: Lake House Dream

Brother and sister go way too far, or was it far enough?

Don't Use Mom's Panties - Part 3

«Lorraine and I cause havoc in New York.»

Master! Master! Part 10

«Aingeal faces the pain of her past as she helps Sven destroy the Lodestone!»

The Rogue's Harem Book 1, Chapter 16: The Faerie's Pain

«A business trip to Dubai turns out to be so much more.»

Room Service

«Uncle Brian decides to live with his sister and her family. Amy, his freshman niece has been waiting for this opportunity and takes full advantage of it.»

Online Complete Excitement (edited)

«Becky, the world's first futa, makes a tricky reporter into her bitch on live TV!»

The World's First Futa 05 - Futa's Public Delight 3: Futa's First Naughty Live Interview

«Accidentally fucked my sister while on vacation, turned into long term affair»

Fucked my sister by accident

I am treated to a special erotic celebration by my wife and her girlfriend

The Celebration - A Fantasy

Kimmi is bound and then smacked on her ass with a painful truth ...

Kimmi is Fucked

My mum and I went for a ride in the car, and what a ride it was.

My Dominating Mum

Retired Army Officer is offered a job in a Seniors Home

Portland House

My wife said I satisfied her, until...

Tiny Cock

A virgin wife, a porn star and a divorcee. A threesome that gets complicated.

Mating Season, End

Family night with Tommy's girlfriend and his aunt joining the fun.

Family Night with Tommy and Tasha

It happened by accident, but it was something that Mike could no longer stop himself from doing

Teasing Daddy and Myself – Part 1 of 3

«You're not going to believe this, things get even weirder, I shit you not.»

Master! Master! Part 9

Hubby takes me hard when we return home from dinner.

Why I Love Him

I am treated to a special erotic celebration by my wife and her girlfriend

The Celebration - A Fantasy

«Jasmine is having her 35th birthday in style. Being forced into a double penetration by one of her lovers. She now knows what she wants to do on her birthday»

Jasmine's 35th birthday

An internet romance, a porn star, and a proposition.

Mating Season, Middle

«The world's first futa receives a naughty trick!»

The World's First Futa 05 - Futa's Public Delight 2: Futa's First Naughty Trick

A man's longing for his teenage daughter sends him on an unexpected journey of pleasure.

The Longing: Chapter One

Clara attends a feast in honor of her impending sacrifice.

We Never Sacrifice Virgins to the Dragon

A story about me and my family.

Maggie’s Family – Part 8

«What started as an innocent night of smoking weed with her brother turned into a sensual sexyak adventrue for Mandy.»


«A story about a good friend of mine, a recently widowed man that moves on with his life and discovers things he didn't realize about himself.»

The Next Chapter of My Life - Part 1

«A dirty slut likes to be treated as such.»

I Own You Now

«I finally give the girls a glimpse of the outside world, and in the process, find a clue to some answers.»

Master! Master! Part 8

«By darkone82 this story of deflowering of Jackie and after math that lead to end of our relationship hope you enjoyed»

Chapter Eight : Youth group cookout

«The twins discover anal delights!»

Twin Sister Delights Chapter 4: Twin Sisters' Anal Delight

«A very elite school for girls has the usual liberal arts curriculum but also has some very special classes to teach young girls the ways of the world. Sexually.»

An Unusual College for Women

My awakening continues

Old Man's Tales - Part 2

«Jess's first "Party" party»

Jessica's Party from Hell

«Jasmine is having her 35th birthday in style. Being forced into a double penetration by one of her lovers. She now knows what she wants to do on her birthday»

My 35th birthday

The schooldays' escapades of a young Marie and her friends.

The True Adventures of "Those Four"

What's going to happen next

Dad caught us.

Who said fairy tales couldn't be erotic

The Good Fairy

Emily loses her ticket

Emily's Train Ride

«Part 1 of the Embrasing the Darkness Series»

Embracing the Darkness - Part 1

«Georgia just want to have some fun»

Georgia Part 07

«The girls and I get snowed in during a big storm, with sexy results!»

Master! Master! Part 7

«Bess uses her mind control to give her parents a wicked command!»

Submissive Incest Mind Control Chapter 4: Daughter's Wicked Command

«Mason ~ a computer programmer/Annalist. Wrote successful programs for the public sector making him very rich at a young age.»

"You missed a bit." Chap 2

«My 1st BBW Experience. Involves a new neighbor that moved 5 houses down. I was cutting Mrs Robinson grass when this pretty woman approached me in her car.»

My 1st BBW Experience

«To discover information, Sven baits a trap to attract a Pixie's attention.»

The Rogue's Harem Book 1, Chapter 14: Baiting the Trap

«I met the man I shared all my dirtiest fantasies with. I let him use me as he pleased but I know this is just the beginning of my transformation into his little cumslut.»

Finally fucked by my online friend

«A virgin sister discovers her twin brother's cock and falls in love with it»

I love the taste of my Brother's Cum

We decided to find us a secluded spot somewhere as we hiked through the trails. We hiked along the trails until we found ourselves in an area surrounded by trees. Stepping off the trail and walking through the trees a short way, we found ourselves surrounded on three sides giving us privacy from any passersby and the sun caressing us on the fourth. We laid out our blankets on the soft grass...Read On

A Day In The Clearing

Her family in peril, Theia will risk her freedom to achieve her dream.

The Chronicles of Theia: The Choosing

«A new chapter added to the Respect series featuring Evelyn and Maria.»

Respect: Chapter 2

«A pair of rodeo workers grab the woman they've lusted after while her husband searches and calls her name.»


«An alternate scene to 'Pep, Spirit, and Facials' chapter one»

Eloise Impersonates a Gloryhole Whore

«The world's first futa rides an older woman!»

The World's First Futa 05 – Futa's Public Delights 1: Futa's First Wild Ride

«The adventure begins for James Donovan. After a life of mediocrity a path his unfolding before him that his wildest imagination would never have been able to predict»

The Divine Comedy - Part 1. "A new beginning"

«The cruise celebration supporting Tenor Industries has arrived for Tina. She finds herself on-board the small cruise ship with a dozen client executives.»

THE BOSS'S SLUT 12: Client Celebration

«The magical girl and giant robot team faces a new threat in a feature-length anime-inspired adventure sequel.»

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther: Cold Front

A visit to the storeroom entails more than checking the inventory.

The Storeroom

Can a young man really not know what he wants until he comes face to face with it?

Hanging Drywall

Valentine's Day from one year to the next introduces unexpected changes

Mating Season, Early

The following is a true story about my first time with another woman.

Janet, My First Woman Lover

My birthday party turned into a wild orgy after most of the guests had left.

Salacious Birthday Party

A story about me and my family.

Maggie’s Family – Part 7

JP’s life in prison changes when Gullah departs sooner that both of them expected…

Double Benefit

A beautiful elf is sunning nude when a horny trickster spots her...

The Half Breed Heart Chapter 2

«An 18 year old leaves an all girl boarding school to take a gap year before university and is determined to have lots of fun.»

Georgia Part 01

«A nurse falls for and screws her patient.»

Bad Beside Manners

«Our wife finds herself at the same conference as last year and can't wait to see the man who paid her for sex a year ago.»

The Proposition 2

«A woman looking for a good time finds something even better.»

To Begin An Affair

«I celebrate the holidays with the girls! Unfortunately, not everything around me is perfect.»

Master! Master! Part 6

«After returning from a holiday threesome My partner and I joined a contact club to do it again»

Our second and third Threesome

«Set in a galaxy far, far away, two life long friends discover a secret about each other.»

Jena and Lisi

«Jake arranges another paying customer.»

The Proposition 3

«I love my wife so much that I want to give her more than I can offer alone: multiple cocks for a gangbang. But in the end, Mandy turns the tables on me...»

Sharing My Wife Amanda- Chapter 1

«Embracing the Darkness - Part 1»

Embracing the Darkness - Part 1

«Trying to help good looking neighbor stung by yellow jackets leads to sexual activity»

Yellow Jackets Sting Neighbor

Kevin just wants to get laid and his aggressive sister just wants a practice dummy.

Laid Back

My husband shared me with a friend for an evening of intense, unadulterated sex.

Between Friends

A woman visits a special spa, with a hot tub filled with cum.

The Cum Bath

«Today was my birthday, and that meant I was finally going to have sex with my mother... I think.»

My Birthday

«Brother finds sister passed out in a bathtub at a party.»

Home for spring break

«Emilia Clarke goes through another Ordeal.»

The Ordeal of Emilia Clarke Ch.5

«A sleepy girl gets the night of her life when her boyfriend can't keep his hands off her. Written in the perspective of the boyfriend»

A Sleepy Girl, a Toy and Three Big Orgasms

I return home after my wife watched me fuck another woman to find out how she will take it.

Reaching 5 - Reckoning

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