oral Stories in May 2018

One good turn does indeed deserve another. But where will it all lead?

One Good Turn Deserves Another!

Water delivery boy gets a surprise

H2 Oh! Part 1

Ichabod takes control over the wily Katrina

The Real Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Part 2

Strength will help you grow, love will give you a reason to bare your soul

Virtue Unmasked

Vic meets his cyber lover in the flesh

Don't I Know You?

Before she was Catherine, she was Sophie; an inexperienced woman with much to learn.

The Grimoire - Part 7 Catherine the Great

Is this the real life?

Welcome to Reality

Village folk save a man from drowning, but only one woman discovers his enormous secret.

Gift From The Sea

One night stand turns into a passionate affair, but disaster is waiting around the corner

Acts of Infidelity - Mel & Chris - Part 2

The lurid truth behind the famous book

The Real Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Part 1

Icarus cums to understands his vanilla cream cunt addiction.

Still The Biggest Chocolate Cock

Janice uses her new-found skills on her boss

A Dirty Wish - Part 2

Jenny returns to the family home...

Rejoining the Family

Masks people wear :)

Curse of the dragon

The stocktake

Now It's Time To Take Stock

«A brother, in town on business, stays in his sister's spare bedroom - for the 1st night that is.»

The Visit

«Melody goes forward with her plan to help Becky lose her virginity as publicly as possible!»

Public Incestuous Passion 3 - Sisters' Naughty Display

«Sam and Tabby meet at a bar. Tabby takes Sam home. They enjoy themselves during the cab ride and while at Tabby's house»

Sam vs Tabby Part 1

«A faithful but frustrated wife is treated to a very special party in her honor.»

Breakout 1

I don’t know how it happened – it just did!

My Son

Janice reveals her inner slut

A Dirty Wish - Part 1

A man hires a private investigator to gather evidence on his cheating wife...


“You look a little-lost darling; I’m guessing you’re not here for a little action babe?” The woman laughed as she leant on the edge of the open car window. Emily’s blush was unseen in the dark dimly lit street. She had been driving up and down the long road for the last thirty minutes. Firstly, trying to decide which girl might be the best to stop and secondly to pluck up the...Read On

The Actress and the Whore

Maia was back. She came back every summer and Arch never knew how to deal with it. It seemed fitting for her to reappear with blue skies and sunshine and yet her arrival wound him into something that took weeks to undo. She never stayed long. Just a few days. If he hadn’t paid attention, he might have even missed her. Just the edge of a pretty skirt or the swing of her dark hair. The...Read On

Infinite Lust

2268 B.C., Middle Kingdom, Egypt. A slave and his royal lover - masked in gold.

A Royal Affair

«a guy gets lucky in the wood then a few months later everything changes»

unlucky encounter

«My wife and her friend continue our new found love. Another friend joins.»

My wife and friend part 5

Writer of erotic fiction is shocked by a stranger when he begins acting out her own stories.

Fictional Fantasies Chapter 2

Trudy denies Eddie his release and later has to face the consequences

Feels Just Like Starting Over

Have you heard the one about the farmer's three daughters? Well, here it is!

The Farmer's Daughters

Beth replaced by Amy

Massage With Amy

An innocent girl enjoys a lesson.

She Cums from Away (The Hand Job Series)

Abi trains hard once a week. But, will once a week be enough, from now on?

Slut Training

Wesley becomes the knob polisher for three straight guys at college…

Knob Polisher

Dowdy, prim, but it's what's inside a woman that counts

Forget Beauty, It's Overrated

I recoiled to see the lipstick smeared on my aching nipples and still I made no effort to stop her.


Changing minds in changing times.

Lonely Twenties: Recruiting Happiness (Finished)

Fresh college graduates learn tough lessons about the real world.

Lonely Twenties: Surprise Visit

Kay and Dan share the final day, Kay goes first...

Seven Days of Lust Part 7

An encounter at a club leads to a hard, rough, outdoor sex session

Club anal

Sanjay moves out of the marital bedroom as Bill's relationship with Sunita grows stronger

An Arranged Marriage - Part VI

Jules and Beth's special massage.

My Second Massage

Equal amounts of dreams and deception litter the City of Angels…

Thunder Cunt

«At halftime, after their fun on the bus ride, Megan, Ann, and Keegan try to continue their sex fun. However, their classmate Carter wants in on the fun. Only problem is, he wants Keegan.»

Marching Band Bus Ride Fun 2

Dan pulls out all the stops on his final evening

Seven Days of Lust Part 6

I was invited to an eight man orgy and since I was one of only two bottoms, my arse got pounded.

My First Orgy/Sex Party

«Everything changes for Justin when time freezes! He gets the opportunity to get revenge on the sexy cheerleader!»

Time Manipulation Mind Control Chapter 1: Slut's Frozen Passion

"Gary, I'd like to share Liz with you."

Meeting Will and Liz again

"Swinging for the fences," Harry shouts, barreling up his big bat

Stealing Home

Melissa takes her sausage meat a little too literally.

A Very Naughty Girl – Dominates Her Husband

«A NAKED LEGAL EPISODE. Jake, the large, black investigator in the firm takes Grace shopping for fun outfits for the office. Later, Jake’s two associates, Tim and Blake, join them for some clubbing and fun.»


«To distract Becky, the world's first futa, from fucking the bride-to-be, all her old friends show up to distract her with their hot pussies!»

The World's First Futa 08 - Futa's Wedding Delight Chapter 1: Futa's First Naughty Reunion

Making you come delights me

My Pleasure Is Your Pleasure

“I’m your dirtiest fucking dream come true,” she told him.

This is Not a Game

Some things that start out innocent end up not so innocent.

From Texting to Sexting

I love our regular Saturday morning ride.

On The Back Of Daddy’s Bike

Meaghan and Jay wake up after a long night..

Morning Tryst -- Tryst chapter 2

This is Meagan’s story of adventure into being stripped, fucked and beyond.

Meagan's Journey Into Business - Her First Day

Charity work gets out of hand.

Charity Work

Beth's special massage.

My First Massage

«My family and I go on holiday to Corfu. I am not sure why I packed, as when we get there I am told that I am not allowed to wear any clothes while I am there»

Jen's Life - Chapter Six - Part One

«When a young boy goes through a rough breakup, you'd hope the one person he could always turn to is his mom. Unfortunately for Alex, his mom has better plans.»

Behind Closed Doors

«Kendra was lonely but with the help of her son's friends, she wasn't lonely anymore and she realized one of her most erotic fantasies...»

Fantasy Come True

«The many women in his life.»


Day Three. I slept in on the last day of our three-day weekend and noticed that Jack was no longer in bed with me when I awoke. I could hear someone in the bathroom next to our stateroom and assumed it was Jack taking his morning shower.  I decided to surprise him and slipped out of bed, grabbed my robe and made my way to the bathroom, hoping to join him in the shower before he finished....Read On

Weekend On The Lake...Part Three

One of my older stories given a make-over.

Old Guy Gets A Blow Job At The Car Boot Sale.

If love between a father and his son involves sex, should we be shocked?

Dinner Will Be Ready Soon

«My daughter asks her friend to stay the night.»

“Daddy, can Paige stay over tonight?”

Learning to dive was more fun than you can imagine.

A Day Alone With My Diving Instructor

Going farther than before

Replying to an Ad M2M Chapter 3

Stacey seduces John in his truck

Stacey's Road Trip With John

«A woman shares passion with a dark stranger on Halloween.»

A Passion for Halloween

«Becky, the world's first futa, gets quite the shock when a church wants her to breed four barely legal virgins!»

The World's First Futa 07 - Futa's Naughty Hitchhiking Chapter 3: Futa's First Passionate Ritual

«Kora needs her brother and her hermaphroditic lover to insire her raptuoruous art in her!»

The Rogue's Harem Book 2, Chapter 6: Inspiring Art

«Guy visits his old college roommate after a few years, but falls for his fiancee»


«By Darkone82»

Chapter ten: War with Christy, Near miss with Lisa and Stephanie dream

«The day of Ariela's plan comes to fruition, though not without complication...»

Ariela Ch.05: Traitor

«For Robin, just catching a glimpse of the world-renowned pop star Athena would've been the number one highlight of his life, but when she takes an interest in him after one of her shows, it lead's him down a path he could never have expected.»


«A total stranger, named Reggie, teaches Katie and Ted how to sexually satisfy each other by tricking Katie into his bed and fucking her non-stop during a seventy-two hour sex marathon at his motel. Ted watches and learns.»

Katie and Ted, and Reggie REVISED

«My Partners grand daughter uses me to learn about life and sex after going a bit wrong with her adult life choices.»

Rhianna's education part 2

«Living with a dominant father, very submissive mum, and next door to my Grandpa and uncle meant that I was their toy - to be used as they wanted.»

Jen's Life - Chapter five

John & Agnes meet the King of Sweden in a time of fun and sexual liberation.

The Grimoire - Part 5 Carl Gustaf

His need is specific. She is his, and he is coming for what is his.

Trust Ch. 5

I love his cum.

The Proud Cum Slut

They’re at it again. They always are!

A Dog’s Life

Ruby finds a submissive woman for Laurence.

His Sweet Slave Pt. 5

A shy girl’s first taste of oral sex.

First Licks

Day two of a couple's anniversary preparations.

Seven Days of Lust Part 2

An American girl looks for fun in Paris. And finds it in a menage-a-trois with two French lads.

Cassie's Night of "Ooh La La"

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