written_by_women Stories in February 2018

«Sex in public»


«A faithful wife succumbs to a charming conference organizer when he offers money.»

The Proposition 1

«A full futa women is rescued on the battlefield by an unlikely hero, who she rewards in a way neither of them expected.»

Duel Wielding

«Daniela Parkes is a normal fifteen year old girl, until a moment with her father forces them both to see each other in a whole new light.»

Untouchable: Chapter One

«Eloise Handler wants on her university cheerleading team. The cheerleading team wants a girl like Eloise Handler for some "team building exercises."»

Pep, Spirit and Facials - Chapter 1

«Mrs. Jones receives another massage, and another happy ending! (Part 2 of 4)»

The Education of Mrs. Jones (Part 2)

«Chapter 1 of The Shaylynn Chronicles.»

Shaylynn's First Time

«Chapter 2 of The Shaylynn Chronicles.»

Shaylynn Begs Daddy

«It's hard to keep your husbands attention when he's the centre of attention of a social circle of horny shemales, but you know what they say, if you can't beat them, join them...»

Best Friends Ch.02

«An almost 40 something woman's search for satisfaction takes a unexpected and ominous turn.»

Red's Crude Awakening

«The passion they feel for each other is just so strong»

Was it all just a dream

«Things get out of hand in the bride and grooms hotel room after the wedding breakfast.»

After Breakfast

«Brother comes home from his junior year of college for the summer and gets a surprise when his young step-sister comes home from her freshman year of college all grown up and sexier than he'd ever imagined.»

My Coming Home Surprise - Part 1

«An Elven prisoner is broken in ways she couldn't imagine.»

War Prisoner

«Girl follows her friend’s advice and doesn’t regret it.»

Hazel’s Great Idea

«An affair leads to an open relationship my husband/boyfriend at the time, decided to try out in hopes that I feel comfortable exploring my sexuality after he found out I cheated on him»

Becoming My Husband's Hotwife (Parts 1 and 2)

«My mom has me fuck the dog»

Getting dog-raped by my mom

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