written_by_women Stories in May 2018

«A brother, in town on business, stays in his sister's spare bedroom - for the 1st night that is.»

The Visit

«Richard takes his birthday present.»

Alone at Work Ch.4

«When I got an internship at 19 things quickly got interesting after my boss discovered I had a freaky side»

The Internship Pt. 1

«A faithful but frustrated wife is treated to a very special party in her honor.»

Breakout 1

«Back to my awakenings»

I love you playing with daddy pt 2

«The Breakfast Club continued to meet as husbands and wives manage to make up. But another relationship blossoms on the side.»

Breakfast Club - Chapter 3 and 4

«Two military couples meet for breakfast every few Sundays. Card games turn into other games.»

Breakfast Club - Chapters 1 and 2

«When a young boy goes through a rough breakup, you'd hope the one person he could always turn to is his mom. Unfortunately for Alex, his mom has better plans.»

Behind Closed Doors

«The day of Ariela's plan comes to fruition, though not without complication...»

Ariela Ch.05: Traitor

«For Robin, just catching a glimpse of the world-renowned pop star Athena would've been the number one highlight of his life, but when she takes an interest in him after one of her shows, it lead's him down a path he could never have expected.»


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