written_by_women Stories in January 2018

«A new face arrives in Ariela's court with rumours that she, of all people, has traitors in her midst aiming to free her precious Belind, something she could never let happen.»

Ariela: New Secrets

«It's Connor and Laine's last year at the cabin, they might as well make it worthwhile.»

Cabin Fever

«The Evening With Liz Begins...»

A Femme Domme Tale Chapter 4

«You should be careful who you swipe right on on Tinder! Theres no way of knowing for sure that they wont be a tonne of Futa Centaur fun~»

New Experiences

«Ben finally gets to fuck the woman he’s lusted after for years.»

A fantasy come true

«Fun and games with Dana, her husband, and her dog.»

Another Date With Archie

«A summer with his aunt, who happens to be incredibly hung. Who'd have thought that would end with lewds? Go figure!»

Tease Me

«Louise finally gets the head she's been looking for, it only took a few little lies from her daughter.»

Lost Time Ch.04

«My very first MFF threesome with a couple.»

Escort Helping Hand

«The winter storm offers me a chance to be with my father again - and it goes spectacularly.»

A Daughter, A storm and a Day

«He wasn't a hot guy and he never did anything with a girl til I showed him a thing or two.»

Flashing My 2nd Cousin

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